• Education & Experience in 3DS Max and Unreal Engine 4

  • Expertise with UV wrapping and texture creation

  • 10 years’ experience working in a team based environment with 3DS Max

  • Exceptionally Computer Literate – Animation, Photoshop, Blueprints

  • Proficient with environmental effects, lighting and particle systems in UE4

  • Strong Communication and Interpersonal Skills

                                                       PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

3D Artist                                                                                                       Toronto, ON

Rhoddy Marketing Group                                                                                  2016 Contractor

·         Created environment for VR demo presentation booths

·         3D Modeled and UV wrapped objects in VR through Unreal Engine 4

·         Modeled vehicle for 3D printer in 3DS Max

·         Developed movable objects and imported animations

·         Troubleshoot and bug tested VR demo

Videogame Instructor                                                                                 Toronto, ON

The Cube School                                                                                         May 2016 – Present

·         Taught 3DS Max with an average of 20 students per class

·         Instructed and assisted students to create and personalize a basic game in 3DS Max

·         Established strong teamwork environment to ensure goals are met

·         Created and implemented innovative and engaging lesson plans and activities

·         Guide students to perfect animation techniques and texture maps

Videogame Instructor                                                                                 Toronto, ON

Thinnox Design Academy                                                                      Jan 2010 – May 2016

·         Assisted students in preparation of portfolio to apply for university

·         Perfected student’s ability to develop characters and implement creations into 3DS Max

·         Lead students in rendering game environments including lighting, textures particles

·         Instructed students to create materials and texture maps in UE4


Videogame Instructor                                                                                 Toronto, ON

Explorer After 4                                                                                        Aug 2007 – Oct 2009

·         Engage students age 6-14 after school with game design principles

·         Specializing in Game Maker and basics of 3DS Max

·         Ensure students developed skills in Zbrush and Word programs as well


3ds Max

High/low poly Modelling, Unwrapping, Texturing/Materials, Rigging, Animation, Rendering, Import/Export, Morph, Particles, View Port Canvas


High poly Modelling, Polypaint, 3D Brushes

Unreal 4

Blueprints, Level Design, Rendering


C# Scripting, Level Design




Game Design Document Creation, Proper Naming Conventions



International Academy of Design & Tech                                                          2006-2008

Videogame Design and Development

University of Windsor 

Commerce and Business Admin, Computer Programming                                   2005-2006